Audible Thoughts

Philip T.B.C

Prodejce: Petr Blažek - DaSkaRecords, None

56:24 min


145 Kč

Název skladbyČas
1. Onanism Intro1:27
2. Soundless Homeless4:21
3. Czech Yourself Featuring Rabbi D4:13
4. Always Waiting Featuring MC Lindee, Scratch - DJ Lowa4:28
5. Paharganj 254:09
6. 21st Operative Featuring C. Monts4:07
7. One Mosquito Can An Elephant3:11
8. We R Machines Featuring Hired Gun3:04
9. Virgin Off Featuring Zdenek Bina5:44
10. Schumava Featuring Zdenek Bina3:59
11. Let's Paint The Town Red4:27
12. One More Important Sound Featuring Zdenek Bina, Scratch By DJ Friky3:34
13. From Base To Travel Featuring Zdenek Bina, Scratch DJ Friky6:41
14. Nikdy Nevies Featuring Richard Muller (Philip TBC & Ghonzales Remix)2:59
Celkem: 56:24